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Disruptive Value is a reputed financial and legal information provider in order to make you earn more and get your rights guaranteed.

We are an information and consulting center, a reference in legal and financial information on the major theses with final judicial decision, such as:

    • Exclusion of ICMS tax from the PIS/COFINS calculation base on Revenue

    • Exclusion of ICMS tax * from the PIS/COFINS calculation base on Imports

    • FINSOCIAL: old tax, but we have found companies that
      for some reasons, they have not done yet, however, they can be done now.

    • Exclusion of the ISS from PIS / COFINS calculation base on Revenue.

    • Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue.

      * Term Exclusion: It means not to include the ICMS collected in the formula to calculate the amount of PIS and COFINS to collect).

We help and make available information for small, medium and large companies of the most diverse types of activity, with agility and credibility throughout the State of São Paulo.

Disruptive Value is a process in which a company is able to successfully challenge established businesses through one or more innovative processes. The disruptive innovation theory was created by the Harvard professor, Clayton M. Christensen, in July, 2018. It means exactly what we do: we help to change the way you search for your rightful and proven rights.

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Tax exemption for companies. Learn how to benefit from the effects of collective action.

Several Commercial and Industrial Associations in the State of São Paulo offer their associates the service that aims to reduce the companies’ tax burden. After many years of waiting (25 years), it is now considered unconstitutional by the STF (Federal Supreme Court). The advantage is the possibility of benefiting from the “Action Collective writ of Mandamus” effects, which has been taking in the court for at least 15 (fifteen) years and which pleads for the exclusion of the ICMS ( Services Tax over Merchandise Circulation) collection from the PIS (Social Integration Program) and the COFINS (Contribution for Social Security Financing) tax base.

This exemption applies both to future payments and to recovery of amounts unduly paid in the last five (5) years, which in some cases may reach 17 years, as a collective action.

Below, we have made a selection of the avant-garde and pioneer associations that offer this service to their associates.

What is this action about?

This is an “Action Collective writ of Mandamus” that aims to recover significant credits collected by the Federal Government, which has been generating long legal battles for having been collecting induly overpayments by our Federal Constitution of 1988, such as PIS and COFINS, as a result of inclusion of ICMS on its collection base.

Companies that have the “SIMPLE” regime will not be able to benefit from this credit.

Which companies can benefit?

The companies of industry and commerce which have “Actual Income Method” or “Deemed Taxable Income Method” regimes.

What benefit will companies have as a result of this action?

The companies will be entitled to ICMS deduction credits in the PIS/COFINS calculation basis on Revenues collected over (overpayments) for long years and may use them to offset all federal taxes, less social security taxes, taxes futures. In addition to excluding the higher paid amounts from now on.



DFind out the best ideas to apply in your company to get tax exemption.

It applies both to future payments and to recovery of amounts unduly paid in the last five (5) years, which in some cases may reach 17 years, as a collective action.


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Pedro Elias Cromo

Founder of Disruptive Value

Postgraduate Professor IBE-FGV.
Entrepreneur Trainer, UMP Engineer, FGV Commercial Manager, Alcantara Lawyers and Associates Collective Tax Specialist, Trainer Speaker, Coach Leader, TB COACH Academy Free Pass.

Tribunais regionais federais (TRFs) e o Superior Tribunal de Justiça (STJ) finalizaram processos com decisões favoráveis à exclusão do ICMS da base de cálculo do PIS e da Cofins, sem esperar pelo julgamento dos embargos de declaração da União no Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF). 

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Uma série de liminares da Justiça têm permitido às empresas excluir o PIS/Cofins da base de cálculo do próprio tributo. Argumento é que a decisão do STF que excluiu o ICMS da base do imposto deve ser ampliada.

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Grandes empresas começam a contabilizar os ganhos com a exclusão do ICMS da base de cálculo do PIS e da Cofins, definida pelo Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) em 2017.  Pão de Açúcar, Telefônica Brasil, Via Varejo e Hering têm, juntas, pelo menos R$ 2,8 bilhões em créditos, de acordo com os balanços.

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Depois de 20 anos, em março de 2017, o Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) colocou um ponto final em uma das maiores discussões tributárias. Ao julgar o Recurso Extraordinário nº 574.706 os ministros firmaram o entendimento de que “o ICMS não compõe a base de cálculo para a incidência do PIS e da Cofins”.

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Sem esperar pelo entendimento do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), um juiz paulista decidiu que o ICMS e o ISS não podem ser incluídos na base de cálculo do PIS e da Cofins. A sentença, que beneficia a Rewar Comércio, Importação e Exportação de Produtos para Informática, foi baseada no julgamento de uma questão semelhante pelo tribunal superior.

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Duas turmas do Conselho Administrativo de Recursos Fiscais (Carf) decidiram pela exclusão do ICMS do cálculo do PIS e da Cofins. Para tributaristas, ambos os acórdãos indicam que o tribunal administrativo, finalmente, começa a aplicar o entendimento do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF). As decisões anteriores conhecidas eram contrárias à exclusão.

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Uma empresa de engenharia, outra de vestuário e uma terceira de palmilhas conseguiram no Tribunal Regional Federal (TRF) da 4ª Região o aval para excluírem o ICMS destacado em nota fiscal da base de cálculo do PIS e da Cofins. As decisões são importantes, segundo advogados,

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Uma decisão de 2017 do STF (Supremo Tribunal Federal) que afeta somas bilionárias de impostos pagos por empresas e que ainda depende de julgamento de um último recurso, já incentiva companhias a entrar com ações na Justiça para recuperar tributos pagos no passado.

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No dia 15 de março de 2017 ao julgar o Recurso Extraordinário 574.706 por 6 votos a 4, o Plenário do STF declarou que o ICMS não compõe a base de cálculo do PIS e da COFINS. Todas as atenções se voltam agora quanto à modulação dos efeitos da decisão proferida pelo STF. 

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Alcantara Advogados

Law office

Alcântara Advogados & Associados excels in the legal universe of São Paulo for having projected itself in an active way in the tax and tax areas for more than 25 years. It has a team of renowned professionals: lawyers, consultants, accountants, and economists.


FOB Monitoring System

For years we have been working with research and intelligence Market; identifying opportunities in the Brazilian and Foreign Market. We identify the wishes and needs of undertakings and create a value proposition with the foundation of InfoAlert 360º - DataFob Module.

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